I feel really sad tonight and I need to vent so I’m going to do it here because I don’t think anyone reads this blog like they do my tumblr.
I actually don’t want to go back to uni. I can’t believe how much I couldn’t wait to go back at the end of summer and now I just don’t care. I want to stay at home.
All the people I love most live here and the last 2 weeks have just been the best, I’ve got on with my family and spent time with my best friends and it’s made me realise how much I would prefer to be with them all the time.
I love my uni friends too but (and this is gonna sound so lame and self-pitying) I don’t get the feeling they love me as much as my friends in Crawley love me. My friends here always want to see me etc whereas my friends at uni are just kind of meh about it… or that’s how it feels. It sucks because I loved the first year at uni, I felt so close with everyone but this year the majority of my friends live in another house and now I feel cut off from them. I honestly have just felt so bleh about uni recently that I was just really looking forward to coming home.
But I have to go back because I’m enjoying my course and I want to do my placement year and also if I stayed in Crawley I’d be pretty alone anyway, because a lot of my friends go back to uni as well. I guess next year I’ll do my placement year hopefully in Brighton and I’ll either live there which will be nearer to my home friends or I’ll live in Crawley.
I just can’t believe I feel this homesick about a town I couldn’t wait to get out of.