Was this inevitable?
The sudden realisation that you’re the thing I’m going to miss most?
The frustration, knowing I’ve been moronic, that this is hedonistic and will never result in something platonic.
Was this a test I didn’t pass?
Shall I come back when I’m less needy and zealous? Less greedy and jealous?
I admit I can turn heads;
But I can’t compete when you’re breaking necks
And breaking hearts
Is that cliché to say?

It’s surprised me really, to see I haven’t changed that much
Still have trouble with my anger and lust, always get in the car when the driver is drunk
But it’s no good
You can give light and love and youth and hope
And all I can give you is words
That I’ve memorised like I’ve memorised the syllables in your name
And sing them to myself in my head when I can’t sleep because you aren’t breathing beside me.

Passion that will never be realised
You’re blind and naïve and I can fool you easily
By just telling you that I’m just fine.
And just telling you that no one lays like you do.
But no one lies like I do.

(I can tell I’m gonna chop this up and rearrange it because right now I hate how it flows and how it’s not really lyrical at all, but I just had to get the feelings down first.)